MS4 Public Comments

West Donegal Township is currently in the process of applying for the 2018-2023 General Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit.  Part of the application involves creating a Nutrient/Sediment Pollutant Reduction Plan (PRP).  The proposed PRP includes:

  1. Identification and locations of structural Best Management Practices (BMPs) for implementation during the permit period to reduce loadings of nutrients and sediment as required by the MS4 Permit.
  2. Explanation of the methodology used to calculate existing nutrients/sediment loadings and corresponding reductions from applicable watersheds with regulated MS4.
  3. Locations of local waterways with nutrients/sediment impairments.

The PRP can be read by Clicking here.  The plan is also available to review at the Township Office.

Public comments on the plan may be submitted until 12:00 noon on July 20, 2017.  Comments may be mailed to the Township Office addressed to Eugene Oldham, Township Manager or dropped off at the Township Office.  They can also be emailed to Pam Craddock (click here to send an email to Pam).

Interested parties may also provide comments to the Board of Supervisors at their regularly scheduled meeting on July 10, 2017 at 7:00 pm.

Updated June 23 - Notice - Road Construction

It is construction season in West Donegal Township and road projects have already begun. There are a variety of projects in the township and we will do our best to keep you informed.

On May 15, the Maytown Road (Route 743) curb and sidewalk project construction began. The cooperative project between the Borough and Township will begin at South Market Street (Route 230) and continue west to a point 470 feet beyond the VFW driveway. The curb and sidewalk construction will be on the north side of the roadway. Work on the road will be between 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Some traffic delays can be expected during the construction through July 1, 2017.

Bossler Road - On Monday & Tuesday, June 26 & June 27, roadway work will continue on Bossler Road between Amosite Road and Dogwood Drive. A detour will be in place using Poplar Lane and Dogwood Drive. The work will continue on Bossler Road between Dogwood Drive and Turnpike Road in a slow moving operation with traffic control. Temporary traffic delays are expected.

Upon completion of Bossler Road construction, Amosite Road will be closed from Poplar Lane to Bossler Road, The detour will be in place using Poplar Lane and Dogwood Drive.

Progress Update- Bainbridge Road Bridge

PennDot has been diligently working on the construction project at the Bainbridge Road Bridge between Rutts Rd and Shrine Rd.  Below are a few pictures of the progress that has been made so far!


A 60 Volt DeWalt Flex Volt battery was found at the intersection of Newville Road and Route 230. To claim you must be able to identify a specific feature on the battery. Contact the Township office at 717.367.7178 if this battery belongs to you.

Board of Supervisors' Meeting

The next Board of Supervisors' meeting is a regular meeting is scheduled on Monday, July 10 at 7:00 pm. (June workshop has been cancelled.) All meetings and workshops are open to the public and we encourage all interested parties to attend.

Upcoming Events

Holiday Trash Schedule

Woody Waste & Yard Waste Schedule - Begins April 11 & 12 through December 5 & 6. Yard Waste must be in Kraft bags available at the Township office. If you have had Kraft bags sitting out from last year, please rebag them to avoid the bottoms falling out due to being out in the weather elements. Woody waste should be bundled with biodegradable twin, not longer than 4' in length nor more than 6" in diameter. These items should be placed curbside the night before with your trash & recycling but will be picked up by a separate truck.

National Night Out - August 1 from 6 pm - 9 pm.

Shredding Event - Saturday, September 9 from 8:00 am to 12 noon

Bainbridge Road (S.R. 241) Bridge Closures

PennDOT is completing two separate bridge construction projects on Bainbridge Road between Shrine Road and Miller Road in West Donegal Township. Construction for the bridge between Shrine Road and Rutts Road is scheduled to begin around March 10th. The detour is scheduled to remain in effect until September 19th. Construction for the bridge between Amosite Road and Miller Road is scheduled to begin around May 22nd and this detour is scheduled to remain in effect for 90 calendar days. Access to the residents and/or businesses in these areas can be reached by using the detours posted. Thank you for your patience while PennDOT replaces these two bridges.

New PA 223 Area Code

Beginning March 4, 2017, residents of the 717 area code must begin including the area code whenever you make a call. If you forget and dial just a 7-digit number, the call will still connect during this grace period. On August 26, 2017, the grace period will end and all calls MUST include the area code. If only a 7-digit number is entered, the call will not go through and a recording will instruct you to hang up and dial again with the area code. Then on September 26, 2017, new lines of service may be issued numbers with a 223 area code.

New Trash/Recycling Hauler for 2017

Beginning January 2, 2017, West Donegal Township will have a new hauler, Waste Management, who has contracted for a 2-day pick up for trash/recycling services. For some residents your pick up day will remain Tuesday. For others your pick up day will be Wednesday. Click here for a map detailing the split in the Township. Below is a description further identifying the split areas.

-  Tuesday - North side of Bainbridge Road (including Masonic Village, Timber Villa, Turnpike Road, Newville Road, and North Market Street areas, etc.)

-   Wednesday - South side of Bainbridge Road (including area surrounding the Township Building, Maytown Road, and Rheems area, etc.)

Waste Management will be using a dual-hopper truck which means that one truck will collect both recycling and trash as one hopper is to load recycling and the hopper is for the trash. Below are photos of a front end loader type of truck; however, they also have a rear-end loader that they use too.For safety reasons they have developed their route to pick up one side of the road at a time (unless you live in a development) so if you see one side picked up but they didn't get to you they will be back at a later time. This also means that the time may be changed from when you had your trash picked up in the past. For example on the south side of Bainbridge Road you will notice that you are now picked up in the afternoon when it used to be the trash/recycling was picked up first thing in the morning. Note that any oversized items may not be picked up by the trash/recycling truck due to the size of the truck. A separate truck will come to pick up large oversized items.

Also note another change is with coal stove ashes. They must be placed in plastic bags when cool and placed curbside with the trash. Loose ash in a can will not be picked up. This is due to safety reasons and also the disposal method of the ashes into the truck. We appreciate your cooperation to adhere to this disposal method.

If you have any questions, please call the Township at 717.367.7178.

Township Times

The Township will be publishing two editions of the newsletter per year - spring/summer & fall/winter.  Click here to download the spring/summer edition. The newsletter is one tool we use to update/inform the residents of what is happening in the Township. If you or someone you know did not receive one in the mail, please contact Wendy at the Township office.

On-Lot Septic Disposal Mandatory Pumping

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issued a 3-year mandatory septic pumping requirement for all residents within West Donegal Township that have an on-lot disposal septic system. If your property has an on-lot septic system, sand mound or holding tank, we ask that you check out the guidelines of this new program by going to the Zoning  & Planning tab found at the top of this page.

Welcome to West Donegal Township

Settled in 1719 and incorporated in 1838 ,West Donegal Township is named after County Donegal in Ireland. Located west and south of Elizabethtown, in Lancaster County, West Donegal Township comprises an area of 15.6 square miles in land size.

Governed by a five member Board of Supervisors the 2010 census indicates the Township has 8260 residents. The Township is part of the Elizabethtown Area School District with the Rheems Elementary School located in the Township.

Located within the Township is the Village of Rheems and the 1400 acre campus of Masonic Village. Masonic Village with a population of 1700 residents provides retirement homes and other health care facilities as well as recreation opportunities for the community.

A variety of housing types and areas are available to prospective residents. They range from agricultural, in the many farmsteads, to single and duplex units, apartments and condominiums. One unique residential opportunity, and first open space development in the Township, has preliminary approval and the first phase developed. The residential development with varied residential units will provide concentrated residential homes on smaller lots with a park and open space to be enjoyed by the residents. A trail system in the open space areas will connect to a future trail system providing access to trails at Masonic Village and into Elizabethtown. Wildlife view areas will be provided along the trail system for the enjoyment of the residents.

The northwest corner of the Township provides the area of the Conewago Industrial Park. This industrial park, developed over the last 25 – 30 years, is the home of a variety of businesses including American Air Filter, Dupont – Pioneer, Crowe Transportation, Penn Tank Truck Wash, Walker Sales, Western Power Sports, Seedway, Tarantin, DAS, Angleboard, ModSpace, and the latest Nordstrom. Additional areas of the Conewago Industrial Park are yet to be developed and available.

A number of other businesses are found throughout the Township providing services and employment to residents of the Township and individuals from the region. The wide range of businesses and housing provides a varied opportunity allowing residents to live, work and play within the Township.

Located between Harrisburg and Lancaster, West Donegal Township provides residents employment and recreation opportunities with additional amenities in the larger cities.

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