Welcome to West Donegal Township

Settled in 1719 and incorporated in 1838, West Donegal Township is named after County Donegal in Ireland. Located west and south of Elizabethtown, in Lancaster County, West Donegal Township comprises an area of 15.6 square miles in land size. For more information about the Township click here.


04/01/2020 AT 8:00 AM EST.
Please continue to heed the PA Department of Health's guidance for staying safe and stopping the spread.
West Donegal Township will maintain the previously announced closure of our municipal office and public works buildings to access by the general public. Township staff will remain on duty and can be reached via telephone (717 367-7178) or email (info@wdtwp.com). Please continue to do business with the Township via electronic means.


The sale of yard waste bags will begin the week of April 5th. To minimize staff contact with the public and repeated cleanings of our building, sales will proceed in the following manner until State & Federal COVID-19 response guidelines and restrictions have been lifted or revised:

Bags will be sold on the following days and times:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only, from 12 noon to 3:30 pm.

Bags will not be sold on any other day or time.

As in years past, the bags will be sold in packs of 5 for $1.00 with a maximum purchase of 2 packs (10 bags) for $2.00. To minimize the handling of money, only exact payment in cash or check will be accepted. Additionally, each property may make only one purchase of bags per week.

To purchase bags, please arrive at the township between 12 noon and 3:30 pm on one of the designated days. Ring the doorbell for service. A staff member will answer the door. Tell them your property address, how many bags you would like to purchase and hand them your exact payment in cash or check. They will retrieve your bags and a receipt for your payment. Please remember to practice good social distancing technique while waiting outside to purchase bags and when interacting with township staff.

The township’s dropbox, which is normally reserved for trash bill payments, may be utilized for other items such as zoning or building permit applications, job applications etc. during this closure. Please ensure that any items placed in the dropbox are securely contained within an envelope. Please do not put loose items in the dropbox.

Individuals and companies who have been contacted to pick up an approved zoning or building permit will still be accommodated. Please contact the zoning officer at 717 367-7178 to schedule an appointment. Admittance to the building will not be permitted without a previously scheduled appointment.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we adjust how we do business during this difficult time.


We have been informed by our trash hauler that bulk/over-sized item (red tag) pickup will be suspended starting March 30th. We'll post again when it resumes. 

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