On-Lot Septic Disposal Mandatory Pumping

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has issued a 3-year mandatory septic pumping requirement for all residents within West Donegal Township that have an on-lot disposal septic system. If your property has an on-lot septic system, sand mound or holding tank, we ask that you check out the guidelines of this new program by going to the Zoning  & Planning tab found at the top of this page.


The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has instituted a 3-year mandatory OLDS mandatory septic pumping program. The new requirement includes any property within West Donegal Township which has a septic system, sand mound, or holding tank. West Donegal Township has divided the Township into three districts. If you are a property owner that is affected by this new mandatory septic pumping program, please click here for additional information on the program and applicable requirements, which includes a map showing each district. Each property owner will be notified by the Township when they are required to begin the program. This notification will include additional information on the requirements and guidelines of the program along with a Septic System Report and a list of the registered haulers.

When a septic system is pumped out, a Septic System Report must be completed (click here for a copy of the form). It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure the white copy of this form is submitted to the Township, along with an administrative fee of $15.00 (check should be made payable to West Donegal Township).

West Donegal Township requires that septage haulers register to operate within the Township. Click here for a list of the registered haulers.

Any questions should be directed to the Township office.