Roadway Maintenance

The Township contains approximately 63 miles of streets and roadways within its borders. 13 of these miles are State roads and are owned and maintained by PennDOT. The remaining 50 miles are owned and maintained by the Township. Monies to maintain our roads are drawn from Liquid Fuels Funds which we receive yearly from the State. Liquid Fuels Funds are a portion of the Pennsylvania State Gasoline Tax that you pay, each time you fill up your car.

Click here to access the official PennDOT map, showing the current township roadways.

Why Oil and Chip

Winter Weather Operations

Winter weather poses a special set of considerations and issues for our road department and our residents. The Township salts and plows approximately 50 miles of roads and streets within the township. We strive to clear the roads as quickly and as safely possible. While we have established salting procedures and typical plowing schemes, every winter storm event is unique event so our approach will flex from time to time to adjust to emerging conditions.

Click here for more detailed information regarding winter weather operations as well as things you can do to assist our team to quickly and safely clear the roads.