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NOTICE IS GIVEN that the Councils of the Boroughs of Elizabethtown and Marietta and the Boards of Supervisors of the Townships of Conoy, East Donegal, Elizabeth, Mount Joy, Penn, and West Donegal (each a “Municipality” and collectively, the “Municipalities”), all located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, have enacted ordinances (the “Ordinances”) signifying their intention to incorporate a municipality authority under the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Act (53 Pa.C.S. Ch. 56) (the “Act”), and that articles of incorporation (the “Articles”) will be filed with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on or after February 7, 2023.

Each of the Ordinances authorized necessary steps to incorporate an authority to be named the “Municipal Emergency Services Authority of Lancaster County” (the “Authority”), including delegating the administration of emergency medical services to the Authority, designating the entirety of each Municipality as a service district of the Authority, and appointing an individual to serve as an initial member of the Board of the Authority. Each of the Ordinances approved the Articles, which include: (1) the name of the Authority, (2) a statement that the Authority is formed under the Act, (3) a list of any other municipality authorities previously incorporated by the Municipalities under the Act, or earlier legislation, (4) the names of the incorporating municipalities, which are the Municipalities; (5) a list of the names, addresses, and elected offices of the Municipalities, (6) a list of the names, addresses, and initial terms of office of the first members of the Board of the Authority, (7) a comprehensive framework for the proposed delivery of emergency medical services within the Municipalities, and (8) a statement that each of the Municipalities retains the right which exists under the Act to approve the initial Fee Services Plan, as such phrase is described in the Articles.