May 27, 2015

If you find a stray DOG OR have lost your DOG


Please immediately call the Northwest Regional Police Department at 717-367-8481. West Donegal Township has entered into an Agreement with the Lancaster County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LCSPCA) to handle stray dogs. LCSPCA will not accept dogs from individuals. All dogs will be processed through the LCSPCA by the Police Department.  A stray dog will be kept by the Police for several hours while the officers try to locate the owner.  If the owner cannot be located, the animal will be sent to the LCSPCA.




$50.00-Charged by West Donegal Township (LCSPCA will collect on our benefit)


LCSPCA Location to Reclaim:

599 Chesapeake Street

Lancaster, PA  17602

(717) 917-6979


If you find a stray CAT OR have lost your CAT you will need to call one of the following rescues:


LCSPCA - (717) 917-6979                                                                     ORCA (717) 397-8922                                                              


Furever Home Rescue – (717) 560-6400                                              Helen Krause – (717) 697-3377                                     


PAWS – (717) 957-8122                                                                        Castaway Critters – (717) 831-5010                                                                      

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