Q: What process does the Township follow when plowing snow from Township roads?

A: The Township has approximately 63 miles of public roadways that are plowed.  Approximately 17 of those miles are PA State roads which are plowed by PennDOT or one of their contractors. These roads include Route 743 (Maytown Road), Route 241 (Bainbridge Road), Route 230 (North Market Street) and Turnpike Road.

That leaves approximately 46 miles of Township roads that are plowed by our road crew. 46 miles may not seem like much until you realize that each of these roads usually take anywhere from 3 to 5 passes to complete the plowing process. Township roads are plowed based on the following order of priority:

All designated snow emergency routes are plowed first and are revisited as often as is needed to ensure that these routes stay open and passable for emergency services purposes. Snow emergency routes in the Township are designated by Township ordinance and are too numerous to list here. Please follow the link to WDT’s E-code page for a complete list of designated roads.

After all snow emergence routes have been cleared, we then go to work on the remainder of the main roadways. This typically includes any road that is not part of a housing development that the general public would use to move through or around the Township.

After the main roads are cleared we then start plowing the housing developments. We understand that it may be frustrating for people who live in these developments to not see a plow truck immediately after the snow ends, please understand that we do everything we can to get to you as soon as we are able and have satisfied the previous list of priorities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Township with any additional questions or suggestions regarding this topic.

Q: Who do I contact concerning barking dogs in my neighborhood?

A: Barking dogs violate the noise ordinance; therefore, residents need to contact the police department at 717-367-8481.

Q: Where can I dispose of a large appliance?

A: Residents may take advantage of the curbside collection of these items. The Township offers a curbside collection for these items in the spring and fall. Watch for ads in the Merchandiser, newsletter and now on the website. If you wish to dispose of an appliance at any other time, residents may take these items to Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority on Harrisburg Pike in Lancaster. You may contact them at 717-397-9968 or visit their website www.lcswma.org.

Q: Does the Township have a burning ordinance?

A: Yes, the Township has a burning ordinance.  Residents are not permitted to burn any hazardous or recyclable materials.These items include; but are not limited to:  Plastics, Cans, Glass, Tires, Newspapers, Office paper, Household waste, leaves, branches, Christmas Trees, Construction Material.

Residents are permitted to have small recreational fires (camp fires).  Residents may also burn small piles of brush if it is contained in a barrel and covered with a screen. Fires may not smolder and you must have a method of extinguishing the fire readily available.

Q: Do I need a permit to finish my basement?

A: Yes, you need a permit to finish a basement.  A zoning permit is required for all renovations done in a basement and a UCC permit is required only if a sleeping area will be added.  Basements containing sleeping areas are required to have a means of emergency access such as an egress window or a Bilco door (UCC Section 310- Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings).   Each sleeping area must have its own means of emergency access.  If you have further questions, please contact the Township Zoning Office.

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